Friday, 18 February 2011

The Private Diary of Mr. Darcy by Maya Slater

The Private Diary of Mr. Darcy: A NovelI enjoyed reading this version of the Lizzy - Darcy affair, from Darcy’s point of view, simply because I enjoy all things Austen.  However, the author does add a few creative detours regarding the plot line of Pride and Prejudice, most specifically with regard to Darcy’s friendship with Lord Byron.  This idea is quite interesting.  As Darcy and Bingley did mix in the same society as the infamous poet, it is entirely probable that they may have known each other.  They certainly both were uncommonly fond of their sisters, although Byron, perhaps, took that sentiment to extremes, one might say.  
However, I cannot allow the idea that Darcy was 'tinkering' with the girl from below stairs in his bedroom, while Lizzy and Jane slept a few bedrooms away in theirs, during their stay in Netherfield.  It is shocking even to consider!  But, undoubtedly, the temptation to write a few passionate, period 'love scenes' for Darcy was obviously too great to resist. 
Yet, perhaps, Darcy would have been a man of the world, although I think his distaste for Wickham's wild behaviour while at college, would seem to suggest that he was above such clandestine activity and in his friend's house too! 
 Still, it was interesting to revisit Austen's story from a different perspective, especially noting when first Darcy began to fall for Lizzy and how he was wonderfully oblivious to Caroline Bennet's obvious (and desperate) attempts to flirt with him.  This was particularly enjoyable and clever too, as it was somewhat reminiscent of Austen's tongue in cheek style.  It was wonderfully pleasing to see what Darcy could not see, knowing, as we do, how Caroline desired him for a husband.  He is tantalizingly close, but just out of her grasp.  Poor Caroline!
This is not a serious book, but rather a bit of fun between reads, and for that I recommend it to all Darcy fans and deserving friends!

The Private Diary of Mr. Darcy: A Novel

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