Monday, 28 March 2011

Me and Mr Darcy ~ Alexandra Potter

Ok..I have to admit that I bought this in a moment of madness because I loved the cover and knew it would look good on my bedside locker... and it was my birthday! A few chapters in and it was a bit silly... but by the end it really was disappointing.
 Nothing very much happened except that the central character, Emily Albright,  kept meeting Mr Darcy, the actual, literary character from Pride and Prejudice. He was from the 18th century - britches, coat tails and riding crop included - and was very confused by her dress, her language and the fact that she didn't have servants.   Of course there was a delightful scene where he takes her for a midnight horse-ride to a castle, and I'm sure there was a moment when the poor man fell into a pond and got his shirt all wet... but when she began to think him a bit boring and wished they could have a good natter about the 'X Factor or American Idol... or something' , that was when I should have called it a day.  I only finished it because I hate to leave a book unread and how I begrudge those wasted hours now! 
One line from the text reads something like: '...there are Jane Austen fans and there are Jane Austen FANS...'  Here, the narrator admits that she wasn't the latter.   It says so much.  
I think this is a book for those who have watched the Kiera Knightley movie of Pride and Prejudice perhaps and have heard of Colin Firth - not for those who actually love  the book.  I spent most of my time thinking why am I reading this when I could be reading Jane Austen!  A good title, but a wasted opportunity. Stylistically, it was quite teenage in it's simplicity, although the central character is meant to be almost 30 years old.  It just shows the power of a good cover to sell books... which was by far the best thing about this one.  What can I say, I was sucked in by the marketing.  My apologies Miss Austen, for ever going astray .  
My advice to you would be to give it a miss and read the original text instead

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