Wednesday, 21 March 2012

One Book is Never Enough ~ The true confessions of a bookaholic!

Never one to deny that I am a fool for a good book cover, I freely admit that I was seduced into buying yet further copies of my three, all time favourite books, simply because I could not resist the lavish, cloth binding.  The good people at Penguin certainly know how to market their products. I must have at least seven copies of 'Pride and Prejudice' already - one from when I studied it in school, another from college; one from my mother's set of classic novels, one from a miniature set of Austen's works, one that I use for teaching, a vintage one from the 1930s and one that is actually a dramatisation and may not strictly count.  I am sure there are others, but you get my drift: I cannot stop buying this book, especially if the cover is to die for.

Then we come to the dilemma - how can I buy this new, beautiful, Penguin clothbound edition, without buying 'Wuthering Heights' to compliment it?  It would be sacrilege, like snubbing Emily Bronte?   And what is any proper Bronte collection without Charlotte's 'Jane Eyre'?  You see my difficulty.  And hey presto, you find yourself smuggling books into the house, and you suddenly have half a shelf-full of new books and you hope that your husband doesn't notice.
But, oh aren't they lovely??  Of course, Father's Day must be coming soon, and isn't Dickens's 'Great Expectations' a favourite of my husband's and it is only fair, after all, that he get to have his books on the bookshelf too... Perhaps I need to order some more books for the collection, but this time by male authors... in the interest of gender balance of course.  And suddenly I understand just how all the enormous libraries across the globe have come into being.  For it is a truth, universally acknowledged... that one book is never enough!

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