Thursday, 31 December 2015

Alice in Wonderland ~by Lewis Carroll and Manuela Adreani

Alice in Wonderland was published 150 years ago this year so I couldn't resist purchasing this copy of Lewis Carroll's timeless classic for myself just before Christmas.  In fact, I found it in a local bookshop, during a poetry reading and could not leave the shop without it.  I fell in love with it immediately and have scarcely had it out of my sight since.
This is a very large book measuring approximately 11.5 inches by 14.5 inches and it all the more beautiful for that! Created by Turin graphic artist Manuela Adreani, this sumptuous, delightful edition will have you gazing for hours at the moving and surreal illustrations that capture the strangeness of Alice's world.
There is nothing 'normal' about this book. You
can see how a young reader could lose themselves in (or behind) this book - which is why the oversized nature of this edition is its genius. And when Alice tumbles 'down and down and down' the rabbit burrow, we do the same; pulled into these enormous illustrations laid before us.  But do not imagine that this book is for children only - lovers of beautiful books, young and old, will adore having it on their shelves, or displayed on a sideboard, like the real piece of art that it is.  I usually do not add so many images from a book, but you have got to see how wonderful these illustrations actually are. (And this is just  sample - there are many, many wonderful illustrations within).  
Do something nice for yourself - buy a copy of this amazing book... and then buy it for your friends, and people who will appreciate it for its pure beauty.  Enjoy!